How to Become a Song Writer?

For those who are creative and have interest in music, then there are chances that they can be singer song writer. It is not important that a singer should be highly skilled and must use high level of words just speaking your heart out and emotions is also a good way of singing and writing a song.

While you are thinking of writing a song on your own, then you have to decide on two major things i.e.

  •  You can write both melody and lyrics yourself however this would require you to have knowledge about music or one must be a classically trained singer.
  •  You can only write lyrics and can hire people for collaborating music with those lyrics.

Ways to Write the Song

A singer song writer can opt two ways for creating a music and song;

  • Some may wish to create both lyrics and music together.
  • Write a music first and then fit words on the same.
  • Write lyrics first and then frame a music which goes well with the lyrics.

The above methods are some of the best ways of creating music and songs, and people can choose any of the method which suits them.

Golden Rule

The best rule to follow while writing songs is to express in your songs about what all you know or what all you would like to express to others. The songs can be written on the basis of your experience, interest. Writing about something which you feel strongly will bring the best from you so this is one of the suggested methods which should be followed while writing a song.

These factors can really help to sing and write a song in the best way, the task is even simpler for the ones who are classically trained singer as they gained basic knowledge of writing and singing the song.